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        Alabang Condos are tucked within the much celebrated Alabang city. These fabulous homes are embedded in amazing picturesque environment some overlooking this cosmopolitan city. The homes rise in a defensive manner ready to withstand all seasons. There is absolutely no reason to stop you from living in this city. For a fun-filled day or for a peaceful quiet day Alabang is the name to stay on your lips.

        The Economy of Alabang
        Alabang is one rich city. Economically stable that will leave you smiling sheepishly. You know how detrimental it is to live in a city with poor economy; lack of jobs, high cost of living name it. Before you start smiling, I hope you know that it is good only for those who put some effort in work either directly or indirectly. Businessmen, here is the catch; the city has around sixty thousand inhabitants thus providing a steady supply of skilled labor. Alabang, although a small town, is home to Filinvest City's Spectrum Business District, Genpact Philippines, Verizon Wireless, and The Northgate Cyberzone among other corporations.Alabang is rapidly growing leading to an integration of residential and commercial buildings in the town.

        Shopping Centers
        Finally, I get to tell you about the fun the residents of this city derive from shopping. Shopping doesn't have to be merely an exercise of buying goods. There's more fun to it and Alabang is all that you need. There are mega shopping centers all over the city with most of them located within the central business district. The open air markets and bargain centers here provide goods at a much cheaper price.  The major shopping centers offer state-of-the-art cinemas, theaters and spas. Many enclosed shopping centers provide parking space for automobiles thus being preferred by many people. The lifestyle malls within the city is where contemporary boutiques are found. Ladies, you have no reason not to look fabulous. Retail establishments are also available in Alabang. With malls and shopping centers around your home, school and workplace you do not have to keep rushing to places in order to purchase goods. Feel sluggish no more; go have some thrilling shopping experience with your girls. Festival Supermall and Starmall Alabang which is a community mall are just an example of the shopping malls here.

        Health Care
        Our health is our greatest wealth. Alabang never gets it wrong. The major health institutions in the city ranging from public hospitals to private hospitals are the evidence of this. Now this is where I like it most, due to the small population in this town, health care centers are not flooded by people therefore you get to be served as a VIP. Anyway we are all VIPs, we deserve that special treatment. The hospitals are easily accessible and most of them are on highways and major streets. This is the best part for the expectant mothers because during labor, heaven falls down. You can imagine you are on labor but the hospital is miles away and the way children are the greatest treasure on earth. There are numerous clinics in the city where one can visit for minor health issues. You know how people run away from the sick thinking that they might get infected. Well, you do not have to go through this stigma, yet there are numerous affordable hospitals within the city. Alabang Medical Clinic is just one example of health care facilities in Alabang.

        Walter Cronkite once said that whatever the cost of our libraries, the price is cheap compared to that of an ignorant nation. This is the main push behind establishments of educational institutions within Alabang. That is why these educational institutions were supplied with the best facilities. There are also facilities such as play areas, equipped laboratories, libraries with updated books etc. The schools keep on being improved day in day out. Now the only thing you have to do is move to this city. Living in Alabang is an un-regrettable experience because it offers amazing experiences to those who study here. The schools offer the best education that there is. There are all kinds of schools in the city running from preschools to colleges and universities.  Giving education to your children or even to yourself does not mean living outside your budget. Alabang schools don't look to benefit themselves by conning parents, school fees are affordable.
        Some of the schools are located within the central business district. If you or your children are comfortable attending such schools then do so at your own vocation. There are also schools within the residential areas. Different schools in this city offer different systems of education. For those who do not want the traditional system of education you do not have to feel trapped where you do not belong. There is something for everyone when it comes to education matters in Alabang.
        Some of the notable schools in Alabang include Alabang Elementary School and Anima Christi Center for Learning for special education among others.

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        How else will you understand the city's awesomeness if you don't know how efficient the public transportation is? Movement from one area to another is quite easy because of the developed roads. Going on a date, to school or to work? Don't worry, you won't be late. Buses are mostly used to get around the city. They are also used for intercity commuting. Commuter terminals are different from provincial terminals. There are major roads that provide linkages between cities. Buses serve all around the city however, the buses stop only at designated bus stops. There is also the use of jeepneys which are easy to find and are the commonly used means of transport because they are cheaper than other means of public transportation. There are taxis within the city. Most of them are in the central business district but it is easy to catch a cab even in other areas. Tricycles also serve residents of this city. For traveling by rail, there are two systems that serve residents here, the LRT line one which has four stations and MRT line three which has only one station. Just lay back for this city has simplified everything for you.

        Work with no play makes Jack a dull boy. Have some fun in these splendid entertainment joints. This city doesn't know the vocabulary 'sleep'. It continues bustling even at night. Its nightlife is filled with entertainment and commercial activities. After a long day at work, grab a bottle of beer to bring back you precious smile or even a cup of coffee but I bet you have taken this the whole day at work to sober you up and to keep the boss' pressure at bay. For couples, live band performances should not pass you by. Apart from the bands, you can actually eat a decent meal and get some beer in these places. Get these and more in Player’s Pub and Bistro. For the party animals, you are the ones on the winning end. Clubbing and partying on weekends is highly welcomed in clubs such as Bugsy’s Bar and Bistro where you will get to eat American food. This club showcases plays once in a while. And here goes the movies and films people. State-of-the-art cinema halls and classy movie theaters are calling unto your name. Just go to Festive Mall. Events are usually organized and held within the city by notable figures in the entertainment arena. When will you relax your mind and revitalize your energy if you lock yourself in your compact room? Bicycle riding and walking is a good way relaxing your mind and is highly welcomed in this city. Grab a bicycle and use the city's pavements and walkways where one can do the walking or bicycle riding. For yoga exercises, the major malls in the city offer such exercises. For those who love dancing, you can meet up with your friends at a peaceful area in the residential areas and stimulate your mind by dancing a little bit. Swimming is the best recreation activity ever. The city recognizes this that is why it there are many affordable and hygienic swimming pools around.
        This outdoorsy city is here for you to break the eat-sleep-work monotony. You should probably move in before old age draws out all your strength.

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        Where to eat out in the city
        Sometimes all we need is to eat out to relieve ourselves of not only hunger but also our loneliness. During working hours while you are in the office you can get out and grab a cup of coffee just outside the office probably on the ground floor or at a stall just around the corner. There are food stalls around the city.  For coffee lovers you are in the mix too, the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf is there for you. And if you want free Wi-Fi just get there and pretend to have coffee. We all love free things. Why would you use your data yet you can access this one? There are cozy, classy restaurants all over the city with state-of-the-art furniture, cool atmosphere and unique meals. These range from the cheapest to the quiet expensive ones. There are also five star and four star hotels within the city. Serendra has many restaurants and since it is a residential area, it is a good place to eat out then head home. Restaurants in this city offer all kinds of delicacies. For Filipino, Chinese, Japanese or Italian cuisines the city has restaurants that offer such meals. Just don't get carried away and eat out every day, my friend your partner loves your food . Take your girl out, the 20/20 bar and The Sky lounge are waiting for couples. At least fill the air with some love.

        Places one can work in Alabang
        Our futures are lighted up by our today. That is why we have to push ourselves to work. Work takes the most of our adult time. In Alabang, it is no different from other places. We have to work. There are many places to look for jobs in this urbanized city. For volunteers, non-governmental organizations here to work for. Derive your joy by serving the needy. There are many restaurants and clubs in the Central Business District that can offer you a job. Apart from that, there are many offices found in the City Hall and along various streets in the city. Furthermore, you can do something unique and be your own boss. Work so that you can afford some thrilling experiences in the city.

        Why live in Alabang
        With all the above mentioned qualities of the city i bet you no longer need more reasons to live in the city. I believe you are already on your way there. If you are working or studying in Alabang, living within the city is convenient because of the time factor. You do not have to sulk at your boss for releasing you late. It is thrilling to live near your workplace because of the thought that you will have saved yourself a lot of trouble such as waking up early and you will even save what you would have used as fare since you can actually walk to your workplace. The city center is quite easy to navigate both by use of the car and also while on foot.  This is also the case for those studying in Pasay city. The availability of schools in this mostly residential city is another advantageous thing. Children do not have to travel a long distance just to acquire knowledge. Long distance doesn't equate to more knowledge. The peaceful and yet noisy environment, rusty old and new buildings, gracious condos and slummy like homes and the integration of several cultures is the best place to fill your life with interesting days. Furthermore, the city is not overpopulated so there is no pressure exerted on its services and utilities. How envious are the residents of Alabang.